Tesla CEO Elon Musk fires back at "bogus" assistant story on Twitter


But Musk gave analysts an even more startling product tidbit in the conversation: Tesla's next model - the Model Y small crossover - will require only 328 feet of wiring in construction, he said.

Whatever new technologies Tesla Motors' new Model 3 might contain as it reaches consumers this year, there is one thing it will contain much less of - and that's wiring.

As Elon Musk's sells debt to bankroll Tesla Inc.'s (TSLA) launch of the mass-market Model 3 electric vehicle, he's reportedly asking for a sweetheart deal.

Musk based his calculations on current daily net orders (1,800) and total net reservations (455,000). The real hurdle for Tesla's chief executive officer will be to produce the vehicle on a scale that the automaker has never come close to achieving before.

The session, which featured a gleaming blue Model 3 on display, was part of a four-day sales campaign that included an invitation from Musk for investors to tour the company's assembly plant.

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Like in the Melbourne and Sydney stores, you'll be able to check out customisation options for the cars, as well as Tesla's Powerwall and Solar Panels.

A large bond offering usually targets a company's most important asset and caps the amount of secured debt that can be yoked to it, Valerie Potenza, the head of high-yield research at Xtract Research, told reporters after Musk's call.

While almost 63,000 orders have already been canceled, Tesla has announced that it will receive about 1,800 new bookings per day, prompting the firm to accelerate its production pace. The company's "financing model is fragile", tech analysts with Devonshire Research Group said in a research note a year ago about Tesla's increasingly complex business model. Over time, there will be more optional systems that will be offered on the Model 3. Hell, it's going to start to become hard to make a cars for traditional competitors, like the BMW 3 Series or Mercedes-Benz C-Class, for many buyers. As the company seeks funding through a $1.5 billion bond offering, investors are at odds over whether the risk associated with the investment.

But short sellers weren't the only ones with a dour opinion of Tesla.