Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will hit the shelves on September 15


The Galaxy Note 8 release date, along with its final specs, have been leaked, making it very unlikely that there is still some unknown information about the smartphone.

The Galaxy S8 did come with some sort of pressure sensor but that was only the home button. The first live images of the phone were posted yesterday on a site called My Everyday Tech but later removed, although they can still be viewed on Slashleaks.

He notes this model of the Galaxy Note 8 may be a Korea exclusive deal, but it's now not certain. However, according to an increasing number of corroborating reports, the most recent coming from Twitter source Roland Quandt, there will be a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 "Emperor Edition" which will have the storage boosted to 256GB.

Second-Chance Shot in the Arm for Samsung?

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Samsung has seen off a class action brought by Koreans burned-out by the need to return their flammable Galaxy Note 7 phablets.

Beyond the release date for this variant, one remaining question is whether or not this will spread outside of eastern Europe. That's about 20 percent lower than the S7 and S7 Plus sales figures in a comparable time period. We will also see a dual camera system in the back. Are Samsung and Apple just copying each other now?

Apple has been facing the same challenge as it prepares for a delayed fall launch of its next iPhone.

The phone appears to be in a case, which is likely covering up the Samsung logo. Coral blue aside, black, gray, and silver aren't exactly inspiring choices when it comes to phone color, so launching the rose pink model here could spice things up a bit.