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BILL NEELY: From North Korea, the latest show of defiance, chanting ritual hatred of America and loyalty to Kim Jong-un and the nuclear weapons he says protects them from Donald Trump's fiery threat.

In national media interviews, Senator Dan Sullivan said Congress holds final authority when it comes to preemptive war strikes.

"I think he's trying to flex his muscles and intimidate the world and I don't think we should put up with it", said U.S. Army veteran Michael Hintz.

Leading off CBS This Morning, co-host Charlie Rose announced: "The North Korean general in charge also mocked President Trump's angry vow to respond to new threats".

So it's - North Koreans, they do speak a different language than what we're - and Kim Jong Un does speak a different language than what we're used to here in the United States.

ZELDIN: Right. Well, the pre-emptive - a pre-emptive strike against North Korea, if we had good intelligence that it was imminent, that the North Koreans are about to, with capability, launch a nuclear warhead to the United States, that is a different calculation than a situation where North Korea does not yet have the ability for that nuclear warhead, say, to re-enter the up - from the upper atmosphere.

It seems like China may not help North Korea if the North decides to attack the USA first. Of course that was their response to the President Trump's "fire and fury" warning.

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Nor can US-led United Nations sanctions on North Korea achieve an effective solution.

MARTHA RADDATZ: This is truly a war of words between Donald Trump and North Korea's leader, but it could have very real consequences.

And Graham defended the president's strategy in dealing with the North Korea threat.

MARTIN: Let me ask you on that in seconds remaining - are you convinced that China will stick to these sanctions?

BRENNAN: North Korea is showing further defiance to the United States.

Trump said that past administrations had not done enough to take on North Korea and that it is time a President "stuck up for the country". Even if sanctions are successfully implemented, it will take months for them to take effect, during which time North Korea can continue to develop its missile and nuclear programs, and the cycle of hostile and bellicose exchanges can lead further down the path to war. And that was on full display Wednesday in North Korea's capitol.