Princess Diana's Brother And Best Friend Slam New Documentary


In the new TLC special Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason, former Daily Mirror News Director David Leigh suggested that if Diana had had the royal family's security personnel with her - she lost their protection when she divorced Prince Charles in 1996 - at the time of her death, that they would have told her to fasten her seatbelt in the vehicle. As for the new information upsetting William and Harry, I'm sure they'll get... Get me Out of Here! told ITV Yorkshire: "I think those tapes were made privately for the Princess" own use...

The recordings of Diana talking to voice coach Peter Settelen include discussion of her failing marriage to Prince Charles and Charles' relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles.

In addition, William explained that Diana was a private person, and tried her best to balance her royal life and family life with her children. "It's nearly like raiding her diary", the former royal butler told ITV Yorkshire. I simply can not understand the justification. "It" s not going back into the past and delving through laundry and seedy tapes and thoughts that were never meant to be made public'.

Some courtiers are understood to be concerned that one outcome of such an open approach is more intrusive documentaries, which may ultimately be damaging to the reputations of Diana and Prince Charles and upsetting for their sons.

Footage taken from the tapes has already been shown in a documentary broadcast in the USA 13 years ago, but it was never screened in the UK. After a lengthy court battle, the tapes were handed to Settelen. Settelen owns them but he still has no right to release them.

He added: 'It's all about money isn't it?

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Channel 4 said the videotapes, made in the early 1990s, are an "important historical source" and place Diana "front and center" in her own story as Britain marks 20 years since her unexpected death. Had she still been with us, I have no doubt they would have remained private for as long as both Peter and Diana wanted it.

He said: "These tapes were recorded in private as part of a training session". "Because the police looked at them, the Spencer family looked at them, presumably, so what was private to Diana was actually lost in the process". The recordings were captured in Diana's home in Kensington Palace in 1993, where Settelen was helping her train for her first public interview.

Diana: In Her Own Words is set to air in the United Kingdom on Sunday, August 9th.

"It took a lot of persuading for Peter to accept that the time had come to let people in the United Kingdom look at the material itself and form their own views about it".

He added to Radio Times: "It was a time when, with good reason, Diana felt herself to be under attack from advisers and friends of her estranged husband, who had chosen as their main weapon the accusation that she was mentally ill".