Politicians Slam Postal Vote On Same-Sex Marriage


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has today cemented his position on same-sex marriage.

"Our federal politicians can and should act now to legislate for marriage equality and not waste more time and money procrastinating on the issue", he told The Irish Times.

Following weeks of in-fighting, the Liberal Party held an emergency meeting on marriage equality yesterday and, well, they wound up right back where they started... voting to have a plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage is a highly politicized issue in the country, and experts said the postal vote was a highly unusual, perhaps unique, path for Australia to pursue. "I'm a strong leader", he said.

Polls show that the majority of Australians believe that same-sex marriage should be legalized.

Q When will the vote take place? The government will receive the final results on Nov 15.

"This ain't a respectful debate", she said.

Simply vote in our poll below before August 18. Equality advocates and supporters are opposed to a nationwide plebiscite, saying civil rights should not be subject to a popular vote.

Australians will get their say on whether to make gay marriage legal before November 25 if they are unable to secure support for a traditional plebiscite in Parliament this week. The Bill needs to pass both the Upper and Lower Houses to be made a law.

In case of a victory of the "yes", a free vote will be held in Parliament.

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Citizens who have a registered address overseas will also receive ballots.

Turnbull ran in 2016 on the promise to let Australian voters decide the issue, but the Australian Senate must still approve the plebiscite before it can officially go before the Australian people.

"A lot of the rich conservatives on my mail route have multi-million dollar properties with really long driveways", said one postal worker.

A The overall cost will be A$122 million (S$131 million).

The retired judge labelled the vote "a novel, voluntary, non-binding, non-compulsory vote of a few citizens".

"I have other calls on my time as prime minister, but I will certainly support a "yes" vote", Turnbull told reporters.

Mr Abbott told Parliament: "If you're anxious about religious freedom, and freedom of speech, vote "no" because voting "no" will help to stop political correctness in its tracks".

Voting "no" would "stop political correctness in its tracks".

Meanwhile, the opposition leader in the Senate Penny Wong - a lesbian and a member of the Australian Labor Party - was praised online for an emotional speech she delivered on Tuesday.

"Sund... that day. If the government wanted gay marriage to be legal on every day, then they should have done this vote over the internet".