Overwatch Deathmatch Modes Are Finally Coming, Playable Now For Some


This mode will pretty much operate the same way as the normal game modes except there's no objective other than killing. For now, and as always, both modes remain in testing on the PTR and will be pushed to the live servers via an update whenever Blizzard is good and ready. Games like COD require 75 or 100 kills in order to win a game of Team Deathmatch and they're played on maps that are much smaller than that of Overwatch.

The Deathmatch game mode will have its own scoreboard and two varieties players can choose to play.

Overwatch players can finally feel free to stop worrying about getting on the payload, because deathmatch modes are on their way to the game, the studio announced today.

For now, you can entertain yourself with the Overwatch Summer Games event, in which you can earn brand new skins for each of the characters. Kaplan, however, said the Arcade mode - which is all about changing up the Overwatch formula in fun ways - is a flawless course of action to introduce something like deathmatch. But in Team Deathmatch, there's a catch: Mercy resurrections will take kills away from your kill count, so you're going to want to shut that nonsense down in a hurry. Deathmatch even gets modifications of some of the Hybrid and Escort maps as well as portions of the Assault maps to accommodate Deathmatch.

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If you're in the top four in each match, you'll get win credit toward your loot boxes.

Additionally, many new maps were added into the PTR for the Deathmatch game mode, with smaller versions of the existing map pool as well as Black Forest, Chateau, and more.

That map has a story behind it.

"I know at one point I said we would never have deathmatch in Overwatch - well, surprise, never say never", Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan said in his latest "developer update" video.