Oneida County Resident Tests Positive for West Nile


Symptoms of the West Nile Virus, include body aches and headaches. Results of these tests help determine the extent of West Nile virus activity.

While there have been no confirmed cases of humans being diagnosed with West Nile virus in McHenry County this year, two batches of mosquitoes tested positive for the virus, the release stated.

The health unit says the tests were carried out just north east of Mitchell and it's the first positive test of the season for the county. A majority of those testing positive were collected in the Mandeville, Covington and Madisonville areas, according to a release.

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Symptoms of the WNV usually appear within a week after being bitten by an infected mosquito, although many people can be infected and not develop any symptoms, or only develop very mild symptoms.

The district has found the presence of West Nile in 34 of 3,981 samplings of mosquitos in the parish, the release said. Many areas of St. Tammany Parish have been treated for mosquitoes with ground and aerial equipment already this year.

The Department of Health and Hospitals urges all citizens to take precautions, such as wearing mosquito repellents and keeping their doors and screens closed as much as possible.