Nintendo Switch Lawsuit: Gamevice Alleges Wikipad Patent Infringement


Accessory maker Gamevice is suing Nintendo over its popular Switch console.

Reported by Engadget, the company claims that Nintendo has used patents that Gamevice owns for the Switch without the company's permission.

Specifically, the lawsuit picks out the removable Joy-Con controllers as being too close to Gamevice's patent for a detachable game controller. A tablet device is then supposed to slide into the Wikipad allowing the player to play mobile games.

The Gamevice Wikipad, an accessory to turn a tablet into handheld gaming device.

But patent banter aside, what's really interesting about the lawsuit is how much is at stake - Gamesvice is calling not only for damages, but a sweeping ban on Switch sales.

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It's apparent that both devices have a lot in common and have a lot of differences, but it will ultimately be up to the courts to decide whether Gamevice actually has a case against Nintendo. Nintendo estimates it has sold over 4.7 million Switch units to date. This comes after the Switch has performed well in worldwide markets, with the gaming console producing strong sales numbers.

So far, Nintendo has not commented on the lawsuit but I imagine their lawyers are gearing up to shut this down as fast as possible.

The Nintendo Switch will also be getting more games from publisher/developer Capcom.

With Gamevice's lawsuit against Nintendo, it could possibly become a threat to the Switch's success moving forward.

Claim 1 of the patent is allegedly infringed because the Nintendo product includes two control modules that provide an input device, among other aspects.