Minecraft "Better Together" Update Enters Beta Today


As detailed during Microsoft's E3 conference, the update lets Minecraft players enjoy the game with friends across devices.

Today, in an article penned by Marsh Davies, creative communications manager at Mojang, Minecraft's Better Together beta test was announced, along with a whole bunch of upcoming new features.

The Better Together Update is meant to unify the Minecraft gaming experience across the multiple platforms that it now resides on. Unfortunately, the integration appears one way at present, meaning players will not be able to share designs for use in the game using these platforms.

And Xbox One support is coming soon, too, Microsoft says.

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If you're on a Windows 10 device, or to prepare for when the beta releases on the Xbox One, you can access the beta version by following the steps listed below that were provided with the announcement. "The pay-off is that you get an early glimpse of the cool stuff we have lined up, like fireworks, parrots, armor stands, the recipe book, new game rules and - stealing the show entirely - the incredible, the one and only, the ultimate COARSE DIRT". Today, that ability is available in beta form for gamers on Windows 10 and Android. You have to make sure that there is a Pocket Edition installed on the device you are using, and also make sure to back up your worlds (they won't carry into the beta test).

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We're not releasing all of Better Together's planned features in one go, however.

Microsoft has also included several details on parental controls and child safety, after Sony's Jim Ryan told Eurogamer PlayStation players would not be part of the Better Together cross-platform update to keep them safe within the PlayStation Network.