Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Will Feature Microtransactions


Though some people just don't care as it is a single-player game and Monolith explains that "no content in the game is gated by Gold", others have been much harsher, saying Monolith is just greedy and that they'll wait until the game is in bargain bins before purchasing. The loot and war chests you can buy with this currency uses the standard "Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary" rarity classifications.

Loot chests: These contain gear the player can equip, like weapons and armor. But you can also use your real-life hard-earned cash on Gold, too. According to Warner Bros., small amounts of gold will be given out at "specific milestones", perhaps Shadow of War story progression, and also for "participating in community challenges".

To gather cash in-game currency, called Mirian, you need to take out Treasure Orcs and Orc followers, destroying stuff, or finding stashes hidden throughout the game world. As well as followers, they can also drop Training Orders which help to level up and customise Orc followers.

War Chests - War chests contain Followers and one consumable item that will either boost or train your current followers to upgrade their traits.

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From Loot Chests, players can obtain weapon and armor of varying rarity and XP Boosts to level up Talion faster. "It can also be purchased for real money [.] by adding funds to your Steam Wallet".

What is Mirian and how do I earn it? Bundles package up Loost Chests, War Chests, and XP Boosts together.

Gold and Mithril chests contain more loot and followers - all of which have better guaranteed rarities than Silver chests do (Gold chests guarantee at least 1 Legendary item, for example). Silver chests can be unlocked with the easily obtainable in-game currency of Mirian. However, I've heard "it's not pay-to-win" before, only to discover a title is actually "pay-to-not-grind-ten-thousand-hours". The press release notes that using Gold will essentially get you items faster while players can still earn these items through playing the game.

"Gold merely allows you to get your hands on them immediately, cutting down some of the additional time that would have been spent winning more battles, tracking nemeses, completing quests and assaulting fortresses". There's no word yet on how much Gold is going to cost.