Lenovo K8 Note to Feature Stock Android and not Vibe UI


The first phone to prosper from this decision will be the K8 Note, which is expected to launch in India next week as an Amazon exclusive, and will ship with Android 7.1.1 Nougat. Lenovo has struggled to hit the ground running with its Vibe Pure UI in the past because of the inhibitions of a custom skin. "This is a huge transition for our business perspective", he added. This was a step in the right direction, but by getting rid of Vibe Pure UI altogether and sticking with Android in its stock form, all future Lenovo smartphones should expect much speedier software updates than what their predecessors have seen.

Lenovo has today announced that all forthcoming smartphone will feature stock Android operating system.

Lenovo MGB India Head of Product Marketing Anuj Sharma spoke this week with NDTV's Gadgets 360 blog. He also talked about how custom overlays over android tend to use more resources than stock android.

"It was a lengthy process to get done".

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Sharma shared that cultural differences were the main issue in developing an interface. But this was something for which Lenovo pushed really hard.

But what does "complete stock" Android mean in this scenario?

With a stock Android, the phones will be easier to update so new versions will arrive sooner and support for an extended period will be possible.

While many will view this switch as a commendable and notably-positive change in the overall experience for Lenovo's future handsets, customers from mainland China apparently did not jump in awe with at the prospect of Lenovo ditching its feature-packed and rather non-stock Vibe UI as vanilla Android is apparently not that popular in China. The timeline may vary depending on chip manufacturers and carriers though.