Lady Killed in Triple Homicide, Police Arrested A Man in Long Island


Nassau County police say Bobby Vanderhall was captured Saturday following the early morning slayings.

A fourth lady survived the strike and is hospitalized. He obtained a large hammer, Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick, head of the Nassau County Police Homicide Squad. He took a framing hammer from the garage, broke into the home and attacked the group of women, according to police.

According to police, Vanderhall was found sleeping in a auto within two miles of the crime scene and was arrested, police say.

Melissa and Janel Simpson, 29, were also pronounced dead at the scene. Meanwhile, Bobby killed her sister's other friend Janel, who he found in a room upstairs, in the same manner.

Denis Simpson told NBC New York that his daughter, Janel, had worked late as a secretary at Northwell Health and then went to her friend's house to hang out.

The Post reported that her wrist was broken fending off the attack. Her daughter was a physician's assistant.

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Fitzpatrick revealed Bobby was homeless after he was recently kicked out from his house by his mother because of his troubling behavior and emotional issues.

Next, he found his sister, 29-year-old Melissa Vanderhall, and one of Melissa's friends on the staircase and beat them with the hammer, authorities said.

Vanderhall, who police described as more than six feet tall and at least 230 pounds, was arrested within two miles of the house after police found him asleep in a auto.

He had a record of arrests for drunken driving, drug possession and sexual abuse, according to reports. "These girls don't give problems, these girls just have fun", Simpson said.

He is due to be arraigned on charges of murder and attempted murder. He is scheduled for arraignment on Sunday and is now being kept in Mineola in Nassau County.