Kim Kardashian's company hit with a lawsuit


Kimsaprincesss, Inc. was hit with a patent infringement lawsuit on Monday over their promotion and the reality TV star's use of an illuminated phone case which she uses to take flawless selfies with her pals.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Snaplight filed a patent infringement lawsuit in California on Monday.

Evidently, Harooni licensed his idea to a company called Snaplight, which is now struggling to keep its head above water.

She has even taken selfies with Hillary Clinton using the case, and LuMee often posts pictures of Kardashian using its products.

FOLLOW SOCIALITE LIFE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to keep up to date and for nonstop daily fun. The court documents revealed that Kardashian receives a cut of LuMee's profits, and that SnapLight's company profits have been hindered because of the LuMee case and Kardashian's promotion of it.

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This idea was allegedly licenced with his company Snaplight. So, not surprisingly, Snaplight and Harooni are claiming that LuMee stole their invention and made it impossible for them to make any money after they teamed up with an influencer like Kim.

Late past year, LuMee filed a patent lawsuit against Snaplight for infringement which is still yet to go through the courts. West's endorsement of LuMee branded selfie cases", court papers read. "Ms. "Kim has done absolutely nothing wrong", said Kardashian's rep speaking to Radar.

Harooni alleges that the LuMee case rips off his original design-the only difference between the two being that his own case features a built-in charger-and because of Kardashian's endorsement, his case's sales have plummeted.

Of Kim Kardashian's many innovations, the LuMee phone case stands apart. "Between its patents, copyrights and trademarks, LuMee has developed substantial intellectual property rights surrounding its product line", LuMee said.

Snaplight wants Kardashian to stop promoting the phone case and, of course, the aforementioned $100 million. The star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and wife of Kanye West has a net worth of $53 million, according to The Sun. Kardashian herself hasn't commented on the lawsuit.