Judge Judy Lets Dog Loose In Court To Prove Who Owns It


Judge Judy had reached her breaking point over the pet ownership case - with each side claiming they were the owner of a little dog named Baby Boy.

In it, the defendant claims she legally bought a dog from someone on the street, as one does.

Just like that. Case closed.

A few personal highlights: The crowd gasping as the dog enters the courtroom (at least one person can be heard saying, "awwww"), and the line "That's what happens when you buy a dog for 50 bucks in front of the mall".

To the delight of everyone in the audience Judith orders the dog in question to be brought into the courtroom and let loose!

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"It's his dog", Judge Judy ruled.

After the decision, the woman starts building the mythology around her shady dog purchase, saying that the seller was trying to save the dog from a cannibalistic pit bull (?) and that the dog really belonged to her mom.

After some questioning, Judge Judy had had enough. The woman muttering under her breath, urging the woman holding the dog not to put him down.

Because the bond between human and canine is so strong, the pup excitedly rushed to the man (his true owner) and jumped on his leg, tail wagging.

"It's his dog, that's all, take the dog home", was her verdict.