ITunes Keeps Auto-Playing? Download This Blank Song


Skipping of the first track on your iTunes is fairly common no matter how good the first track is and that's a problem that Samir Mezrahi set out to solve.

Many iPhone users that play music in their auto via the USB cable experience a common problem: as soon as the device is connected, it starts playing the exact same song automatically - whichever is alphabetically first in the music library.

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The song is created for anyone who has plugged their iPhone into their vehicle stereo only to have it automatically start blaring whatever song is alphabetically at the top of their list. The five "a's" in the title ensures that it always comes up first in the queue, offering you at least ten minutes to line up the songs you want to hear. Right now it sits at #67, ahead of tunes by artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kesha, Selena Gomez, The Chainsmokers and a number of other popular, well-established acts. Interested users can buy the single from the iTunes store. On the one hand, it's clearly a joke, but on the other Apple benefits from every sale. However, now you can put an end to this nightmare, and it's all thanks to a song. The blank song is available for 99 cents on the iTunes Store, with an alphabetically flawless title. But it might be more fun to pay the buck and see if the world can get a blank track of silence to the top of the iTunes charts.