Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne


The first mission set, which is set to go live today but is not, however, live for all players as of publish time, contains the Rise of the Frozen Knights prologue and The Lower Citadel, featuring "three bosses". Let us know in the comments section.

Meanwhile, players who purchased "Knights of the Frozen Throne" before August 10 are entitled to get 50 card packs and an exclusive Frostmourne card.

The Frozen Throne expansion is live now for PC and mobile.

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The expansion also adds a total of 135 new cards that add new mechanics into the game, including Lifesteal and some other smart new ideas. In card form! As part of Knights of the Frozen Throne, the new expansion for Blizzard's Hearthstone. But the highlight of the upcoming game pack is no less than the new solo missions that can be accessed for free. Complete those, and you will be awarded a random free legendary card and three card packs. Of course, it's highly unlikely the cards will all be unique, but at least you can start your adventure with some of the new cards in your decks. "Whether they're ascending the Frozen Throne or duelling with friends at Fireside Gatherings, we can't wait to see how players wield these deadly new cards".

Game Director Ben Brode and Brian "bmkibler" Kibler will host today's episode, which kicks off at 11 AM PDT.