Google Introduces New Tappable Shortcuts in Search


The Google security feature missed the headlines at the time because of the move being just a rebrand of security features that have been an essential part of Android ecosystem for a while.

Internet giant Google's search app has added shortcuts on Android to make it easier for users to get relevant information quickly. There's also a badge labeled "Verified by Play Protect" that has begun appearing for some on the Play Store listings for apps themselves. The update is now live in the country, so if you're interested in taking a look at the new shortcuts, head to the Google app on your phone.

Tapping the "Play Protect" button that's now showing up for same in the Play Store's hamburger menu will take you over to the Play Protect settings page. You need to enter a code, you then get a little bit of on-boarding regarding reporting inappropriate video content (this is an app aimed at kids remember), and then you can choose if search is enabled or disabled.

Interestingly, we found that if you disable Google Play Protect from the settings page, the card under "Updates" in the Play Store app disappears.

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If you want to disable scanning, you can toggle on/off scanning, as well as, sending of unknown apps to Google.

The update, available in English, would provide users easy access to information like cricket scores and statistics, weather, nearby restaurants, ATMs, grocery stores and more, Google said in a statement.

Google Chrome browser's Safe Browsing ability is now included inside the Play Protect banner apart from Google's "Find My Device" functionality which allows users to remotely detect a device, lock it and put a note on its screen.