Google Fire Software Engineer Over Offensive Memo


As controversy continues to swirl around James Damore, the Google engineer who was sacked after writing a memo about gender diversity at the company, the longtime New York Times columnist David Brooks has placed blame squarely on the shoulders of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. However, some of these women are claiming that they only get paid two thirds of a man's wage. It wasn't until the memo went viral inside Google and was leaked externally last weekend that Google made a decision to take action, he said.

Google has drawn severe criticism over firing James Damore as several anti-Google Ads have popped-up in public places across the streets of Venice.

Can we talk about the story of whether Google, a company entrusted with everyone else's personal secrets, should let its own employees' confidential data be thrown open to the scrutiny of a vengeful world in the course of trying to show that its workplace is not rife with discrimination? The newly appointed vice president for Diversity, Integrity and Governance at Google, Danielle Brown, also sent out a memo to staff or "Googlers" on the issue. Volunteers are planning a march on the company offices in nine cities on August 19, according to the March on Google website. It went viral throughout Google and last week it leaked to the press. VIDEO: Google Memo: Fired Employee Speaks Out "I do plan to have a career in tech - I found it very fascinating", said Technovation finalist Lilyan Sullivan.

"Googlers are writing in, concerned about their safety and anxious they may be 'outed" publicly for asking a question in the town hall, ' he explained.

But many have come to Damore's defense, particularly those who oppose what Damore called Google's "left bias".

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Damore has emerged as a hero of conservative media.

In an email seen by Reuters on Thursday, Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said some company employees were being named personally on websites in relation to the incident.

Management at the largest tech firms, including Google, have publicly committed to diversifying their workforces, although the percentage of women in engineering and management roles remains low at many companies. Fired4Truth, widely believed to be Damore's Twitter account, hit 35,000 followers in a matter of days. James Finberg, who is a civil rights attorney has announced that he is working on finding a legal basis for these women. After the post, many Google employees started to face online harassment "doxxing".

Google declined to comment on the planned protest.

Following Damore's memo, some "minority Googlers" were hurt by the "perception they are less qualified", according to one question posted to the company's internal message boards for the all-hands meeting. The loud voice here is a liberal one.