Germany issues warning to America over Russian Federation sanctions


On Wednesday, Russia warned that new United States sanctions against Moscow approved by the house of representatives take already battered ties into uncharted waters, and said it was close to taking retaliatory measures of its own.

Germany is holding to its position that sanctions rules mustn't be used as a tool to influence specific industries, Martin Schaefer, a Foreign Ministry spokesman, said in Berlin on Wednesday.

Germany says it will examine a new package of United States sanctions against Russian Federation approved by the House of Representatives amid concerns that the measures could affect European businesses.

The European Union is remaining vigilant about the package of new US sanctions on Russian Federation, amid fears the penalties could harm the bloc's energy security and impact European companies. He told the Interfax news agency the new sanctions are pushing Russian Federation and the USA "into uncharted territory both in political and diplomatic sense".

"If our concerns are not taken into account sufficiently, we stand ready to act appropriately within a matter of days". The proposed expansion would double the existing pipeline's capacity and make Germany EU's main energy hub.

Many Russian politicians believe Trump's political opponents and congress have successfully reduced the U.S. president's room for manoeuvre on Russia to nearly nil.

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"To protect ourselves against the extraterritorial effects of USA legislation, we will have to work on adjusting our French and European laws".

President's Juncker was reacting to a sanctions bill passed by the House of Representatives on Tuesday, in retaliation to the alleged meddling of the Kremlin with the 2016 elections. Sanctions were also imposed under the 2012 Magnitsky Act, which targets Russians whom the USA considers human rights abusers.

Several Russian politicians said Moscow is considering how to respond to the new sanctions that aim to hit Mr Putin and his inner circle by targeting alleged corrupt officials, human rights abusers, and crucial sectors of the Russian economy, including weapons sales and energy exports. The White House has stated the President is open to signing the bill.

The bill has still to be signed by the United States president is aimed at punishing Russian Federation for alleged meddling in the presidential elections.

Moscow rejects claims it interfered in the U.S. election process, insists its annexation of Crimea was legal and denies direct involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.