Game of Thrones Fans Upset with Night King's Javelin Skills


"It seems like you just pop a mask on, but it's incredibly much more detailed".

White Walkers are invading Facebook.

The White Walkers were able to get past the magic of the Three-Eyed Raven's lair after the Night King touched Bran in a vision.

To understand this theory you need to understand the incredible combination of powers that make Bran special. White Walkers are an ancient race of ice creatures created thousands of years ago when the Children of the Forest-specifically Leaf-drove a shard of dragonglass through the heart of one of the First Men.

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"Bran believes he is eventually (with more knowledge) going to be able to rewrite history and that's why he decides to go back and stop the Night king several times, but fails every time, ending up fulfilling the timeline-circle and taking the identity of the Night king himself", writes Turm0il26. The leader of the White Walkers is known for being horrendously ruthless and unforgiving, so why else would he have let Jon go, if not because he was related to him?

Instead of breathing fire, Viserion will now breathe ice according to Maxim. They may look human-like, but they have wispy white hair, otherworldly pale skin and terrifying ice-blue eyes. Wights seem to be the least intelligent of the hierarchy and appear to take orders from their White Walker superiors.

That's why Bran being the Night King is far less likely than the notion that Bran and the Night King are intrinsically linked like another famous magic duo: Voldemort and Harry Potter. If one fearless hero faces him (Beric of all people was volunteering to do just that) and strikes him down, it could bring the living the ultimate victory Azor Ahai failed to gain long ago. Well, it turns out they might be on to something. HBO confirmed Tuesday that the final installment of season seven will run just shy of 80 minutes (79 minutes and 43 seconds for you time nerds out there), easily making it the show's longest episode ever. By luring them over, the Night King has perhaps finally achieved a crucial part of his plan. It's unclear whether he is equally vulnerable to these weapons or if he has some sort of immunity to them.

To prove that this theory is built on a scaffolding of assumptions, Donna Dickens presented two other theories on Uproxx: the Night King is Rhaegar theory (Rhaegar's body wasn't found, the man who died could have been a body double, ultimately Rhaegar became the NK and that's why he didn't kill Jon at the frozen lake - because he's his son) and the Night King is Azor Ahai theory. That army is lead by the Night King who didn't come to mess around - proving just how threatening he can be by disposing of one of Daenerys Targaryen's dragons with the single throw of a spear. Bran saw them rising during the time of Aerys II when Westeros was still united, and he tried to get the king to stop them before their army grew. Suspicions about his role in the great fight against the undead have been rising for at least weeks, if not months, but one theory is hitting a fever pitch now that there's only one episode left in season 7.