Former Mexican President: Trump 'Trying to Save Face' With Voters


"You can use my words: we'll never pay for that f-ing wall", Fox responded. He apparently wants that so bad, Fox nonchalantly dropped the F-Bomb live on CNN while sending the message.

"Perhaps I should have taken that offer for the five second delay", Camerota said. "What's the reason?" asked Fox, who served as Mexican president from 2000-06. "If Trump wants to build a wall, he has to go to Congress and he has to tell the truth to USA taxpayers that they're going to pay for that". "You can not say that to the press because I can not negotiate under those circumstances", Trump told Peña Nieto over the phone.

Vargas also suggested Fox set an example and omit curse words during any future discussion about Trump's border wall. "He's not looking after America and the great Americans, it's that he's trying to save face". "It's just him trying to save face".

In a February 2016 interview, Fox told Fusion's Jorge Ramos: "I'm not going to pay for that f-king wall".

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Trump quickly fired back on Twitter. Camerota asked, talking about whether Mexico would ever help fund a border wall with the United States.

Fox also used the expletive in an interview with Fox Business Network, discussing the same topic.

Following leaked transcripts that revealed that Trump begged current Mexico President Peña Nieto to stop saying he would not pay for the wall, CNN turned to Vicente Fox - a virulent critic of Trump - for his advice.

After Fox was finished speaking, Alisyn Camerota apologized to viewers at home for the language, which was not censored on CNN's broadcast.