Fantasy Flight's Fallout boardgame will have you crawling the wasteland


The package will include the base Fallout 4 game, as well as its six additions: Nuka-World, Vault-Tec Workshop, Contraptions Workshop, Far Harbor, Wasteland Workshop, and Automatron. Those games (and their expansions) have offered an opportunity to dive into a bleak future filled with odd characters and almost constant conflict and exploration - a recipe that also happens to be an ideal fit for great adventure board games.

"No matter the scenario, players vie to gain influence across the chosen wasteland", Game Informer's detailed description continues, "allying with factions, gathering allies, acquiring weapons and armor, and leveling up their characters".

You can choose from five different explorers to play as, such as a super mutant to a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. Well, it's not a multiplayer video game, but Fantasy Flight Games has revealed that a 1-4 player Fallout board game experience will be coming later this year. On September 26 you'll be able to pick up the new definitive version of the game with all of the latest updates, enhanced graphics, free mod support for both PC and consoles, and all the rest of the official add-ons out there.

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Designed by Nathan Hajek and Andrew Fischer, the Fallout board game will concentrate on decision making around quests and random encounters.

The main kicker will be the predetermined scenarios, which decide which factions will be warring in the game while also providing players with a main quest to follow. Familiar nods to the video games take on new meanings as they unfold in unique ways in the board game.

Game of the Year Edition won't be releasing on its own, however.