Eclipse Viewing: Prioritizing Your Vision And Properly Protecting The Eye


First things first. For those wondering what exactly a solar eclipse is, it's when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, and the moon blocks the sun.

Those who are concerned about solar eclipse glasses they bought on Amazon can reach out to customer service. Other states where the complete solar eclipse can be seen are Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana.

Two local science organizations are offering help to people wondering how to observe the solar eclipse, which will impact all of the mainland United States on August 21. The last to make any sort of landfall in the United States happened on February 26, 1979.

The company is refunding customers for solar eclipse glasses because it hasn't been able to confirm if they all come from reputable manufacturers, according to NBC affiliate KGW. The total solar eclipse will travel from OR to SC and cross over 21 national park units and 7 trails. It's safe to look at a partial eclipse with these.

In addition to its preparation event, the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society also will help people experience the solar eclipse by having members out from noon to 3 p.m. August 21 in the plaza outside the main library, a group news release said. If you would like to see 100% totality, you will have to travel roughly 280 miles from Roanoke or a little under 4.5 hours. (Find out the exact eclipse time for your area here, and we have separate audio stories above and below for those in the path of the total or partial eclipse, respectively.) Also, we want your eclipse plans, stories and photos. It is right in the path and likely will not be obscured by clouds. Do you know much about those?

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Traffic will likely be heavy on any road between a major city and the eclipse path. You'll get to enjoy another one in 2024, but only in southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois. A live web stream of the solar eclipse, as seen from other locations in the USA, will also be shown during eclipse time.

We're just days away from a solar eclipse - and you're not going to want to miss it. Use proper eye protection for safe viewing!

When is the next solar eclipse?

"Roughly every six months, they actually line up so that we get at least a partial solar eclipse", Young says.

CATE, the Continental American Telescope Eclipse, is an experiment more than two years in the making. Pick glasses that are compliant with the ISO 12312-2 standard. This means, weather permitting, residents will see a majority of the sun's diameter covered by the moon and experience unnatural darkness in the midday.