Dragon Quest Builders 2 In Development For PS4 And Nintendo Switch


Add to that, Square Enix has also disclosed some gameplay footage during the stream, where they bravely jumped into the water in order to unveil the new areas of adventure, discovery, an action that would have caused an unfortunate and sudden death in the previous game.

Square Enix is launching an early-access demo for Dragon Quest X on PS4 via a Spell of Restoration code on Dragon Quest XI to access the demo that kicks off on August 10, 2017. Overall it looks like a refined version of the first game, which was very well received for retaining enough RPG elements to feel like a proper Dragon Quest game and not just an imitation of Minecraft. Other updates the sequel will introduce include 1-4 player co-op and the option to hold to hold two tools or weapons at a time. These originally came to the NES as Dragon Warrior games, so whether these will make their way to the 3DS outside of Japan but with the Quest name will be interesting to see.

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Dragon Quest Builders was originally released in 2016 for the gaming platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. There's no word if these digital-only releases will be coming to North America, but it seems unlikely with the Dragon Quest series having a much more devoted following in Japan.

We'll be sure to bring more news if and when the ports are confirmed for the west.