Donald Trump does it again, confuses 'heal' with heel on Twitter


After his infamous "covfefe" mishap, the president once again left his followers amused by tweeting about the protests in Boston on Saturday and misspelling the word "heal" as "heel" in four tweets.

"Looks like many anti-police agitators in Boston".

This time, however, the president was quick to delete the incorrect tweets, before posting the one with the proper spelling.

President Donald Trump said in a deleted tweet that the country had been "divided for decade, but will come together again". Somtimes you need protest in order to heel, & we will heel, & be stronger than ever before!

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Trump said the country had been "divided for decade, but will come together again". Users posted screenshots of the original tweets to social media as Trump was lampooned by the Twitter accounts for the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, celebrities like Billy Eichner and Jeffrey Wright, and more.

It took US President Donald Trump a whopping three tries to correctly spell a particularly innocuous word in a set of tweets, which has now resulted in the world tapping into their creative juices and generating humor from the snafus.

However, spelling "heal" as "heel" twice in one sentence in two consecutive tweets was no oversight or a effect of Twitter's limit on characters.

A Facebook page allegedly linked to the rally attempted to distance the event from the white supremacist gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia, a week prior. After the backlash, he gave a scripted statement Monday that said racism was evil and called out the "KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups" as repugnant. He didn't call the white supremacists and the alt-right movement "them" - he very openly, in front of everyone and their TV camera crews, called them "us".