Doctors Stress Proper Eye Protection For Viewing Solar Eclipse


To ensure safety, the American Astronomical Society is now recommending people buy their eclipse glasses from one of the vendors on its curated list.

At least some of the eclipse glasses sold on the e-commerce site are scheduled to arrive after August 21, the day of the solar eclipse.

Even binoculars and telescopes can magnify the sun's rays and become harmful to the eye, Frantz said.

If you know of a local store selling solar eclipse glasses or solar viewers, let us know by clicking the "connect" button at the top of this story or by adding a comment below. Of course, as we're sure you've heard, there's a dark side to trying to get a glimpse of the eclipse. They will indicate they are "ISO 12312-2" compliant somewhere on the glasses.

Some of the places AAS recommends to shop online are, Celestron, Explore Scientific and Meade Instruments. Then, on the 21st, there will be a viewing party on the front ramp of the downtown library on Washington Street from 1 to 3 p.m. Eclipse glasses will be provided along with NASA's live stream video presentation of the eclipse.

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The organization also has a list of retailers that stock glasses made by verified manufacturers at some (but not all) of their locations.

"Some of the sun's radiation cannot be seen at all so someone looking at the eclipse without aid could be injured before they realize it", Schmude said. "It's very exciting for them and they want to take the eye protection off", said Van Gelder.

Eclipses happen as the moon moves between the Earth and sun, casting a shadow across whichever part of the world that spins by. To view the eclipse, you'll need something at a 12, 13 or 14.

The 70-mile-wide swath of land where the full spectacle can be seen stretches from OR to SC, with 12 states in its path.

The only advice on what NOT to do is as follows: Don't search for eclipse glasses online and buy whatever comes up in the ads or the early search results - at least, not without doing some homework first.