Denmark says tainted egg total hits 22 tonnes


Luxembourg said that eggs sold in the discount supermarket Aldi had been withdrawn after one batch was found to contain sufficient levels of fipronil to potentially pose a threat to young children, who can not consume as much as adults safely.

Products will be withdrawn due to the chemical's unauthorized status, rather than a specific safety concern.

In response, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Asda in the United Kingdom had withdrawn a total of 11 products - including sandwiches, sandwich fillers and salads - from sale.

But there have been rows among Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany - the three countries where the contaminated eggs were first discovered - about who is responsible.

"But while the risk to human health has been ruled out, investigations are being actively pursued at poultry farms and manufacturing sites of egg-based products", it added.

Meanwhile, police in the Netherlands arrested two people Thursday for allegedly using a banned pesticide as the investigation of contaminated eggs continues.

Fresh eggs are largely uneffected by the contamination, with processed foods that contain eggs posing more of a potential risk in the UK.

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While some products that used Dutch eggs have since been withdrawn from supermarket shelves in Britain, the FSA confessed that numerous items which included the toxic pesticide will now have been consumed.

The insecticide is risky to the kidneys, liver and thyroid glands.

Millions of eggs have been recalled across Europe after traces of a moderately toxic insecticide, fipronil, was found in batches from Dutch farms.

Denmark is the latest country to find eggs contaminated with insecticide in its food chain.

Tainted eggs were reportedly also exported to France, Sweden and Switzerland.

"Shell eggs on sale to consumers are not affected and the FSA says that there is no need for people to change the way they consume or cook eggs", it said.

The two suspects are directors of the Dutch company Chickfriend from the village of Barneveld, which is suspected of having delivered illegal treatment against blood lice by using the harmful pesticide Fipronil to poultry holders.