Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Sam confesses he fancies Amelia as Chad opens up about his feelings for her


Former Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has sparked concerns for her welfare after enjoying a boozy night in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

But taking the tense love triangle up another notch, Amelia and Chad then got cosy on the sofas after a night of drinking.

On this evening's episode, Sam, Jordan and Amelia are in the kitchen.

Amelia gushed: 'You really make me laugh Chad.

Later, the now nominated housemates are given a new task to try and win immunity from eviction.

It meant when the Private Members' Club housemates - Paul, Derek Acorah and Helen Lederer - sent her and Chad on a dinner date last night, Chad thought it could lead to something more.

'I've been talking to her a lot this evening.

She claimed that she never gets "grafted on" by men in real life.

Later on in the same episode, Amelia said that the person she found most attractive in the house was Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson, leading to a little bit of jealousy. "I'd nearly love to rebound with someone" and referring to Amelia "she's the kind of girl I'd actually like to date".

Moments later Big Brother interrupted and called the unsuspecting victim to the Diary Room to check she was ok. She adds that "it's a bit of pressure" to which Marissa tells Amelia to "show some boobs" on her date.

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'You need to take me, ' Amelia insisted, to which Chad said flirtatiously: 'I'll show you how it's done'. People think she's into you and she's really not'. Unfortunately, it doesn't go the everyone thought it would as Amelia admits that she isn't excited.

Blushing: Amelia became flustered, replying: "I'm so embarrassed".

While the pair settled their differences in the bedroom, viewers at home were left seething over the way Chad spoke to Amelia.

After seeing her massage Sam following their dinner date, a clearly upset Chad said: "I feel like you like Sam, so why the f**k did we go on a date? I didn't come in here looking for love", she tells Chad, which prompts him to get up and walk out of the bedroom. There seems to be something going on between Jordan and Marissa, as weird as that is, to which Sam comments: "Basically you've got a girlfriend in here now". He kinda feels like he's been a bit played.

"I feel much better I've got it off my chest and spoke to him and now he knows how I feel about the situation".

The US Bachelorette star, 29, has made no secret of the fact that he rather likes Amelia. I didn't do any of this.

"I hate awkwardness and it's the one thing I don't want in here". "I got told I had to go on a romantic dinner for two with him, that's what I did". When I do talk to her, I just have to be Chad'. I'm going to come and see you in the States.

Chad gets up to leave the bedroom saying, "you're just not getting it" and Amelia directly asks if he likes her, which Chad confirms.

"I'm not a mind reader and how am I to supposed to know if somebody has feelings?"

Celebrity Big Brother continues each night on Channel 5.