Cause of Woman's Stomach Pain Leaves Doctors 'Dumbfounded'


The woman said she wore orthodontic braces more than 10 years ago, but never recalls ingesting the wire or braces going missing.

Dr. Talia Shepherd, one of the treating physicians, said the 30-year-old woman showed up at the emergency department of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Western Australia complaining of cramping and severe abdominal pain. Doctors chose to perform a CT scan and see what could have caused her affliction, and made a weird discovery. "But that she doesn't remember getting a relatively large piece of wire down there a decade before is unusual".

That puzzled her doctors, who said it was odd that the decade-old piece of her braces just now started causing pain. Therefore, the only explanation was that she had swallowed a piece of wire from it.

The wire had been in her digestive tract for 10 years before she started showing symptoms, the report said.

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Both the patient and the doctors were amazed to make such a discovery, as none of them was expecting it to be a piece of metal. "So, people swallow fish bones and then perforate through the bowel and I thought possible that's what it was".

But luckily, the wire did not cause any permanent damage during its 10 years in the woman's intestine. Usually, these kinds of objects might be risky if the person doesn't come to the hospital early.

It's unclear when the woman's braces dropped the wire or if the piece was clipped during braces tightening or removal.

It doesn't happen really often that someone should swallow wires from braces without knowing.