Binghamton community looks to eliminate hate at vigil


Vigils in support of the victims are scheduled for noon Sunday in West Hartford, 4 Willimantic, 6 Bridgeport, 6 New Haven and 6:30 Danbury.

Over one hundred activists and public officials attended a rally in West Hartford center, where Gov. Malloy condemned the violence and said the events in Virginia should not be tolerated.

"No white nationalist, no extremist is going to pull us backward", he said. They were there to stand in solidarity with the people of Charlottesville who did not want any part of the hate that came to their city, Peters said. "Our very definition of nation is that we are equal", he said.

The vigil and rally included Mark Tinkleman, who had just returned from Charlottesville, and told stories of hate groups roaming the streets by night looking for people to beat up.

"We have the backs of people who are being singled out and oppressed", Rebekkah Dorris said.

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U.S. Senator Chris Murphy joined the Willimantic protest, as part of a walk he is taking across CT this week. People in the crowd chanted, "when the KKK comes around, there is no middle ground", "they say "Jim Crow", we say 'hell no!', and "black lives matter!"

On Saturday night, local members of the Industrial Workers of the World labor union and other left-wing and socialist groups gathered in El Cajon to honor Heyer, who was a member of the IWW.

"It wears us out, but it is not over", he said of the fight against hate and bigotry. "We've got to tackle some of the tough issues that still exist in this state".

The Facebook page called it "SPOKANE CITIZENS STAND AGAINST RACISM", it is a peaceful vigil where people are encouraged to stand in solidarity with Charlottesville.