Apple To Add LG As Second OLED Display Supplier In 2018


Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities says in the report that "Samsung is now Apple's sole iPhone OLED panel supplier across front- and back-end manufacturing". While amount of its annual plant and equipment investment used to be between $3.55 billion and $4.44 billion (4 trillion KRW and 5 trillion KRW), Samsung Display invested doubled its average annual investment past year by investing $8.69 billion (9.8 trillion KRW). However, as Apple will ask to ramp up OLED production in the coming months, Samsung has invested significantly into its production facilities to bring the 45,000 figure to 105,000 panels a month by the end of the year, and even seemingly made a decision to build an entirely new factory just for iPhones. So far Samsung seems to be the company with design and production capabilities required to produce OLED displays.

15,000 of them are allegedly reserved for Apple.

According to the report the OLED display panel has been the single most troublesome component for Apple.

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Tim Cook had mentioned recently in a press conference that Apple is facing problem in maintaining a balance in supply and demand chain for AirPods due to an overwhelming response. Kuo believes that Apple will be employing LG manufactured OLED panels in its iPhones from 2018 itself. Although these numbers might sound too low for mass production, you should keep in mind that from one "panel" produced by one of these lines multiple iPhone displays can be made. However it only produces panels for iPhones at A3 line as technologies that Apple requested are different as the ones that are applied to A2 line.

Previously reports had surfaced claiming Apple has been spending billions of dollars to make sure LG begins production of OLED displays. The news comes from a source that provides details about the Samsung Display Production Plant A3. It is going to be operated starting from fourth quarter of this year. Samsung Display chose to construct this new plant and to invest $887 million (1 trillion KRW) this year.