American Horror Story: Cult Titles Get Political


And based on these credits, the fallout will also include a dead dog, so many terrifying clowns, smoke bombs and bees, bees and more bees.

The opening credits of the FX show, which change drastically every season depending on the year's theme, tend to be far more gruesome than the show itself, making them a highlight for horror fans who can't seem to get enough gore from the actual episodes.

The credits are the first visuals linked to the upcoming season to contain a nod to co-creator Ryan Murphy's promise of political undertones.

The true focus of the next American Horror Story season will remain a mystery until it airs, but that doesn't prevent us from speculating like mad. There's definitely no shortage of the blood, bees, and clowns we have been seeing in the Season 7 teasers over the past few weeks, and there is plenty of political imagery, including masks of Mr. Donny J. Trump and Mrs. Hillz Clinton, throughout the minute and nine second opener.

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The cast of American Horror Story: Cult enjoyed a weekend off from work in Vegas! They look nearly cartoonish and like a cheap Halloween costume, but the setting is more than enough to make them look incredibly spooky. So what clues to the new season can be gleaned from this year's credits?

"When Ryan had to make the announcement originally that the season was going to deal with Trump", she said, "I think it's more about what's going on in our world around us".

Returning stars Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Cheyenne Jackson make top billing, along with franchise newcomers Alison Pill and Billie Lourd.