Ace Attorney returns on Nintendo 3DS — Apollo Justice


Originally released in 2008, Apollo Justice was the 4th mainline Ace Attorney game released.

Capcom have announced that a remastered version of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is on its way to Nintendo 3DS.

If you're in North America or Europe, though, you'll have to pick up Apollo Justice on the 3DS eShop for $19.99. New screens are available on the press site here. This means that the entire Ace Attorney series is now natively on Nintendo's current dedicated handheld platform. Will the fingerprints match any of the suspects on file and uncover new truths?

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Since this is a re-release based on a Nintendo DS version, a lot of the game's original artwork has been improved to provide crisper visuals than what the Nintendo DS provided.

It's been a long time coming to experience the thrills of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney in 3D, but that will finally be happening. More than just an alternative language option, there are differences in some background signs and art between the Japanese and English versions. Seasoned veterans will also appreciate the option to quickly skip text - even if you haven't read it already! Apollo soon finds out he'll be defending Phoenix Wright, the main character from the first three games and a now disbarred defense attorney.

You can join Apollo Justice in November as he solves critical cases like noodle cart theft and magic panty disappearances.