Aaron Rodgers is all-in on an iconic 'Game Of Thrones' fan theory


Cinematographer Robert McLachlan has shot some of the TV series" best and largest episodes, including "The Rains of Castamere" (the Red Wedding episode) and "Dance of Dragons'.

The last episode saw Tyrion rooting for Daenerys from the sidelines while Drogon destroyed the army bearing his family name. In the last episode, Dany went off-script and chose to launch an offensive on Jaime and the Lannister army in the Reach, against Tyrion's better judgment.

Firstly, looks like the battle between the Lannisters and the armies (and dragon) under Daenerys left absolute carnage, which all looks too much for poor old Tyrion...

Sunday's "Game of Thrones" Season 7 episode also featured the first real battle between Daenerys and Cersei.

We last see Jaime plunging into the water - having been saved from a roasting by the dragon's flames thanks to Bronn. It had everything we wanted to see from the show with the Dothraki being utilized in the battlefield and a freakin' dragon roasting people alive. One is the political side where Jon Snow has his own very specific goal on Dragonstone and that's to get the dragon glass and if possible to convince Dany to fight alongside him. They will also need to deal with the Lannister prisoners, the actual Spoils of War.

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From the preview for next week's episode we know Daenerys demands the defeated soldiers bend the knee or die, so this fits in with that dire offer.

We've been waiting what feels like forever for this to land and it seems that Ed Sheeran's Game of Thrones cameo is finally here.

Now here's a shocker: Jon Snow brooding!

Which has been your favourite "Game of Thrones" battle so far?

Jon Snow seems the most reliable character to get behind: he knows who the real enemy is - he protects the Starks - and he could be a guiding force for good with Dany. When meeting his sister Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) once more, he didn't tell her any of the important information he had discovered, instead opting to let her know how lovely she looked on the night she was raped.