A Rally Cat Lookalike Is in Custody - Could It Be the One?


The St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach organization that found Rally Cat in downtown St. Louis says that they are sure it's the same cat because of the markings on his back and legs.

After being released outside Gate 3 near the Stan Musial statue during Wednesday's game, Cardinals employees attempted to contain the kitten. "This is cat-nerd stuff, but Rally Cat is a classic tabby which is very rare and last night we found a classic tabby kitten right where Rally Cat was last seen".

In what may have been a lucky mascot for Missouri's St. Louis Cardinals baseball team, an adorable kitten stopped play on Wednesday night (9 August) after running onto the field.

The cat which has been nicknamed "Rally Cat" paused the game when it darted onto the field.

On the next pitch, Molina hit a grand slam.

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Or, alternately, the group could contact Lucas Hackmann - the grounds crew member who was wounded by Rally Cat - to perhaps judge if his wounds were delivered by the cat in custody.

On her way home she was stopped by several fans who asked to take pictures, but the cat would not be contained and ran from Harris.

Harris was questioned by security as she attempted to carry Rally Cat out of the stadium, but said the cat was hers and attempted to carry the kitten home. We understand from media accounts that the woman meant to take it home and care for it, but lost track of it in City Garden.

In a statement, the Cardinals said a woman initially claimed the cat was hers and left the stadium with it, but they were separated near Citygarden. "It's just scared", she said. A member of the grounds crew scooped the cat up and brought it toward the stands. TRUE STORY.as soon as I saw this cat run across the field I knew I needed to know where/what was going to happen to this kitten- I sprinted past numerous ushers asking do u know where they are putting this cat?.