1.8 million voters' information leaked on internet


A suppler of USA voting machines has confirmed a major data leak that has seen the details of more than 1.8 million voters in the state of IL exposed.

Allen said the data turned out to be backup files stored on an outside server for Election Systems & Software, the vendor that manages the polling books.

"ES&S was able to secure the data promptly and issue a public statement with the details of the exposure, aiding the UpGuard Cyber Risk Team in our mission of ensuring that exposed information is secured", UpGuard CEO Mike Baukes told Gizmodo.

Jon Hendren, who works for the cyber resilience firm UpGuard, discovered the breach on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) device that was not secured by a password.

State and local officials were notified of the existence of the files Saturday by cybersecurity expert Chris Vickery, who works at the Mountain View, Calif. firm UpGuard. The biz, which supplies voting machines and backend services to more than 40 U.S. states, is investigating the cockup. "It was a violation of our information security protocol by the vendor".

ES&S was notified this week by the FBI and began its own "full investigation" with UpGuard's assistance, "to perform thorough forensic analyses of the AWS server, the company said in a statement, noting that the investigation was ongoing".

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According to Jim Allen ( a spokesman for the Board of Election Commissioners of Chicago), the information of voters was not affected by the leak.

The data file was listed as "Chicago DB" on the Amazon cloud service, Vickery said, and a setting on the upload made it accessible to the public.

"The expense for that is going to be borne by ES&S", Allen said, Chicago Tribute reports. UpGuard also previously discovered a large, unsecured database leaking the personal information of almost 200 million United States registered voters online, according to Gizmodo.

"We were deeply troubled to learn of this incident, and very relieved to have it contained quickly", said Chicago Election Board Chairwoman Marisel Hernandez. "We have been in steady contact with ES&S to order and review the steps that must be taken, including the investigation of ES&S' AWS server".

Given that Russian Federation probed at least 38 state voter databases prior to the 2016 election according to federal officials, however obscure the Chicago data base might have been it still represented a risk, he said.