Woman shot at gender reveal party wasn't actually pregnant, police say


Family members said an unborn child was also killed in the investigation, but police said this information is not true. Willis, who made headlines in 2015 after she claimed she was beaten up by a group of girls, had told WCPO after being released from the hospital that she had lost her baby. "The Colerain Police Department will not comment further on any other misleading information, other than to say we wish our time had been spent on true leads that would help us remove these risky criminals from the streets", reads the statement, which was obtained by PEOPLE.

Her cousin Autum Garrett was killed in the shooting and seven others, including three children, were injured when two suspects stormed the Ms Willis' Cincinnati home, according to police.

Police spokesman James Love tells PEOPLE authorities are frustrated by the apparent lie but continue to try to solve the shooting.

"Hours and days have been wasted following leads known to be lies when they were provided to our officers", Denney said.

Nine people were shot - one fatally - at a gender reveal party July 8 on Capstan Drive.

One pregnant woman is believed to have lost her unborn child in the horror, American media report.

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In 911 calls from the incident obtained by CNN affiliate WCPO, witnesses sound panicked and confused as to what has happened. Late in the evening, police said that at least two suspects entered the home and opened fire at party guests who were watching TV in the living room. Lying about pregnancy or losing a child, he said, is a powerful way for a woman to gain control and sympathy. They've also gotten "significant resistance" from the victims, he said.

At the request of the operator the woman yells at people in the house to find out how many people have been shot but is unable to establish the number.

"All we have at this point is speculation", he said.

A neighbor calls emergency services, but can not provide details of the injured.

"Everybody's screaming and crying and it's just all panic and I'm even shaking and everything", Verga said. Six adults were shot, one fatally, Denney said.

"You put in a lot more (overtime) and you spend a lot more money", Ward said.