Texas business leaders call on lawmakers to drop 'bathroom bill'


Greg Abbott to protest a "bathroom bill" that state lawmakers will again consider during a special legislative session beginning Tuesday. Critics call it discriminatory.

Earlier this year a bill that would have banned transgender Texans from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity failed in the Texas legislature.

"The distraction of a bathroom bill pulls us away from being competitive as a state", Jeff Moseley, chief executive of the Texas Association of Business, told a rally outside the Capitol.

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Conservative groups are vowing revenge during the 2018 GOP primaries against Republicans who don't support it. Especially since all the attention on this issue is smoke-screening a very serious threat facing rural Texas families, our schools and local economies.

A bill similar to North Carolina's passed the Texas Senate in the regular session and was killed by pro-business Republican leaders in the House, who ran out the clock on the measure.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has made passing a bathroom bill a top priority. "What I would be more concerned about is predators acting as transgender, getting into the ladies locker room, showering areas or restrooms", Rep. Anderson said.