Spicer Admits Resignation Linked to Appointment of New Communications Chief


He was the only Trump ally on stage that day. "I was quoting another candidate", Scaramucci said.

The New York financier repeatedly declared his love for and loyalty to Trump. In a Twitter post, he said it was an honor for him to be the first guest on the Christian political show, CBN reported. "Did he change anyone's mind?"

"I think certainly by the end of the year", Priebus answered.

US President Donald Trump has said outgoing Press Secretary, Sean Spicer endured "tremendous abuse" from news outlets.

"Anthony is a person I have great respect for, and he will be an important addition to this administration", Trump said in the statement.

Scaramucci is also known in NY sports circle forpurchasing Mike Piazza's No. 31 Mets jersey, worn during the first professional sports event following the 9/11 terrorist attack.

After all, it's hard to forget the antics that played out during his must-see TV press briefings. Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter, and her husband, powerful senior aide Jared Kushner, had known Scaramucci for years from NY and pushed for his hire.

Mr Scaramucci grew up on Long Island in the shadow of New York City. He would go on to graduate from Harvard Law School before heading to Wall Street.

Scaramucci - who regularly appears on Fox News - sold off his share of SkyBridge Capital earlier this year, the hedge fund he founded in 2005. The firm also hosted a conference each year in Las Vegas that attracted financial leaders and celebrities like basketball legend Magic Johnson and the singer Jewel.

The communications post is the third administration gig Scaramucci was offered.

"It's now going through customary closing conditions and regulatory approval", SkyBridge spokesman Rich Myers said of the firm's sale.

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Both were once Democrats.

GONYEA: Scaramucci, ever the Wall Street guy, closed his tribute to Spicer with this. Once he became a Republican, however, he was slow to support Trump.

After becoming a Republican, he first served as a fundraising chairman for Scott Walker's short-lived campaign before moving on to Jeb Bush's bid. He called Trump a bigmouth who inherited his money.

Disparaged by Mr Trump over his on-camera efforts to justify the administration's missteps and the president's erratic behaviour, Mr Spicer increasingly went off-air.

Scaramucci added that he didn't have a problem with Trump and that the additional ratings he brought would be good for the party.

He ultimately joined Trump's team once it became clear the NY businessman would become the nominee.

Spicer told Trump that Scaramucci's hiring would only compound the chaos that has come to characterize a reportedly fractured White House, the Times reported.

Given his lack of experience, however, it's unclear how he plans to manage the president's communications strategy.

The president rewarded Mr Spicer for sacrificing his good name by disparaging his performance in the briefing room, and his appearance, and by indiscreetly sounding out friends and other aides on whom he should replace him with.

One person with knowledge of the situation said Spicer objected to the hiring of NY financier Anthony Scaramucci's lack of qualifications for the communications role.