Speeding crackdown targets fast drivers on interstates, highways and local roads


The Volunteer State is participating in a new weeklong initiative known as "Operation Southern Shield".

The Florida Highway Patrol, Georgia State Patrol, South Carolina Highway Patrol, Alabama State Patrol, and Tennessee Highway Patrol will also be working with local law enforcement partners to enhance education, visibility, and enforcement to help ensure the southeastern United States has the safest roadways possible.

"When you cash a check for $50 at the bank, they don't give you $60", Blackwood stated in a news release. The number of traffic deaths in Georgia has increased in the last two years after declining for eight consecutive years.

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The ultimate goal is reduce the number of traffic deaths through speed limit enforcement.

"Conducting the traffic safety efforts is really important because you can make a difference", said Dr. Maggi Gunnels, National Highway Traffic Safety Association.

Operation Southern Shield is being held in July between other major highway safety campaigns to coincide with the larger-than-normal numbers of drivers on roads because of summer travel, Alabama officials said. "Drivers who exceed the posted speed limit by 10 miles an hour or more increase their chances of being in a crash because the faster speeds reduce their reaction times and ability to stop suddenly". "But those who keep their foot on the accelerator run the risk of getting a ticket".