Sean Spicer contradicts Trump Jr on 'Russian' meeting


Officials didn't go into detail for the themes for the next two weeks, which were dubbed "American Heroes" and "American Dream" weeks, respectively.

"Remember the old days?"

The showcase, which featured products from all 50 states, was meant to put a national spotlight on American-made goods, even as the Trump administration remains distracted by the Russian Federation scandal and accusations of hypocrisy. The company relies exclusively on low-wage workers overseas, and executives say it is impossible to bring its production back to the United States on a large scale, as The Washington Post reported last week.

"Over the next short period of time you're going to see things announced that you won't even believe for our country and for selling product in our country and making product in our country and things that are great for American jobs", Trump said.

But it's also the argument that Trump has spent months repudiating while browbeating companies such as General Motors and Carrier over potential manufacturing moves.

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Trump also praised American products that were brought to the White House for the event, including baseball bats made in Louisiana, china from West Virginia - "It was a great victory in West Virginia", Trump said - and horseshoes made in MA. And so, the White House press office should stay behind the scenes to make sure the focus is on what the President is saying on any given day. "Everything is on the table", a White House official said.

"I think it would make sense to get them out of global grant-giving and focused on stuff that has to do with labor in the USA", said David Kreutzer, a senior research fellow at Heritage focused on labor and trade. "Trump shirts and ties, where are they made?"

"Trump is putting his own interests and profits ahead of those of American businesses and workers".

"Look, you know I'm not going to get into the specifics of this", Spicer said at Monday's off-camera press briefing. One bill would require the Department of Defense for the first time, to take into account when awarding government contracts to manufacturers.

Representative Jim Himes, a Democrat from CT, introduced a bill last week that would make the Donald Trump administration host at least two media briefings that can be broadcast on video every week.