Record disapproval of Trump by Americans


Only 36 percent of Americans approve of Trump's job performance as president, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll released Sunday, slightly down from 42 percent in April. Fifty-six percent of those polled agreed that Trump's conduct is "damaging to the presidency overall".

Garbled grammar aside, Trump's essential message is this: My approval rating isn't bad at all!

Of course, as soon as the poll showing his lower numbers came out, Trump lambasted it on Twitter.

Seventy percent of Americans in a new poll said they think President Trump's actions since the inauguration have not been presidential.

Trump also used his early-morning Twitter rant to say his son was being "scorned" by the coverage of his controversial meeting - and to bring up Hillary Clinton's emails.

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The poll asked participants if they thought it was appropriate for Trump's senior advisor Jared Kushner and campaign manager Paul Manafort to take a meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential campaign. Six in 10 also think Russian Federation tried to influence the campaign, and among those who say so, 67 percent think Trump aides helped, similar to results in April. Trump has become the most unpopular US President in last 70 years of the US history. Forty-eight percent believe America's role as a world leader has grown worse under the Trump administration; 66 percent don't trust him to negotiate with world leaders.

The fresh survey indicates that almost half of all people in the United States (48 percent) see the country's leadership in the world as weaker since Trump was inaugurated in January, compared with 27 percent who say it is stronger. According to Sunday's poll, half of Americans said they prefer ObamaCare over the new Republican plan to replace it, with the plan only supported by 24 per cent of respondents. The approval rating for his handling of the economy specifically was 43%, with just 41% disapproving.

Just seven percent of Republicans said the Trump campaign intentionally helped Russian efforts, compared with 65 percent of Democrats.

The poll, conducted July 10-13, has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

To achieve this record breaking lowest rating, Donald Trump beat out Gerald Ford (Former President) who was holding the lowest popularity position as a President with 39% approval rating.