Pledging reforms by 2020, Ukraine seeks roadmap to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation membership


Kiev has repeatedly accused Moscow of interfering in the affairs of Ukraine. However, Russia Kremlin denied the charges.

The remaining parts of the agreement, which envisage stronger cooperation between the European Union and Ukraine in other areas, such as foreign policy, security policy and justice can came into force only after the final ratification by all participants.

Russian Federation has repeatedly opposed NATO's expansion in eastern Europe, including Ukraine becoming a member.

"After that, we'll see how we should react", the diplomat said.

At least 69 percent of Ukrainians surveyed in a June poll said they supported joining North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - a sharp increase from before Moscow's forced annexation of the Crimean Peninsula. "Apparently, Ukraine is ready to build a new iron curtain just to prevent normal human and related communication between residents of Russia and Ukraine", the Russian ministry said.

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Speaking at a meeting Monday with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Kiev, Poroshenko said Ukraine would not be applying for a NATO membership "immediately" but would instead "build a genuine program of reforms" to meet NATO requirements for membership in the future.

"Russia must withdraw its thousands of soldiers from Ukraine and stop supporting the militants", Stoltenberg said. Those reforms would cover the areas of defense, anti-corruption, governance and law enforcement.

Stoltenberg announced the alliance would be supplying hardware to protect Ukraine's computers from cyberattacks.

Ukrainian authorities will review the defenses of government computer systems, including at airports and railway stations, after a cyber attack on Kyiv's main airport was launched from a server in Russian Federation, officials said yesterday (18 January).