Next Google Pixel XL could have bigger, bezel-less 6-inch screen


The reason we are subtracting two points is due to the fact that we are not confident our source material reflects a fully finalized design. If Google follows last year's timeline, you can expect to see its next generation of phones debut in early October - hopefully with better availability than the mess we saw last year.

Unlike their predecessors, the new Pixel phones won't share the same design or specs, as several reports have mentioned.

Still, the latest leaks indicate that the new phone will have a single lens that is much larger than the current model. Antenna bands also appear to be no longer visible. It's possible they're just cleverly hidden - I wouldn't hold my breath on a completely "bandless" phone. At first glance, fans will likely notice the device's slimmer bezel, which is slowly becoming a trend for new smartphones lately.

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On the images showing the next smartphone by Google in silver and blue colors. The company is also using a front facing speaker this time (located underneath the earpiece). As to the headphone jack, we're not really sure what the status of that is, unfortunately.

Google recently barged into the high-end flagship smartphone market with its relatively well-received #PIXEL and Pixel XL products.

Last year the Pixel and Pixel XL were identical except for size but this year Android Police says the smaller Pixel 2 will not have the design changes of the Pixel 2 XL and instead be positioned as a cheaper model. Google has not been linear with naming its phones. The publication has claimed that the 2017 Google Pixel XL may also feature squeezable frame that is available as Edge Sense feature on the HTC U11. So, for example, you can invoke Google Assistant with a squeeze whenever you feel like it. Rumors have it that the Pixel XL that is codenamed as Google Taimen would be equipped with a 6-inch screen.