Incredible footage shows prisoners during their escape from U.S. jail


At the end of the jail break, or vacation music video, Nayeri offers an apology.

Nayeri later sounds apologetic in the video.

"My name is Adam Hossein Nayeri", he said in voice-over.

Inmates who broke out of the maximum-security jail in the USA a year ago have made a video of their escape - complete with the Mission Impossible theme song.

It shows the kind of images usually relegated to movies like "The Shawshank Redemption", with the three inmates shimmying into a vent and crawling through plumbing shafts.

The exterior of Central Men's Jail in Santa Ana, Calif., showing where razor wire was removed from a parapet.

. And for that matter, where did they get a cellphone to record video?

"A lot of people would like to credit us with some Houdini escape act all in eight minutes flat", Nayeri says. "It's an interesting myth".

Nayeri was busted in 2013 and accused of playing a role the kidnapping of a marijuana dispensary owner who was tortured with a blowtorch and had his penis cut off, according to The Associated Press.

Video obtained by NBC4 shows a first-person perspective of the escape. It is set aside as he disappears into the vent. They even gave the camera a thumbs-up.

The skyline of downtown Santa Ana is then seen on the video as the inmates reach the roof of the jail.

The video does not show how the inmates got to the ground. He said the escape kit included "high-grade industrial ropes" - not bed sheets as was initially reported - along with "shoes, clothes and much more".

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Duong turned himself into authorities a week after the escape, and Tieu and Nayeri were caught in San Francisco, 400 miles away from the jail, eight days after the escape.

Next there is video from inside the white van, where they were sleeping.

"This is our casa right now, for the moment, this is our crib, water, all the basics", they said.

The trio also filmed scenes from their days on the run before they two of them captured in San Francisco.

The video does not show their recapture.

Nayeri, the alleged mastermind, narrates in some parts.

"With every ounce of our being, I absolutely feel awful for every person that was affected because of us", Nayeri said.

He praised the cab driver they allegedly kidnapped and forced to drive them in their escape. "This man is truly a hero. He just radiated this calm, fatherly presence".

Photos of Ma and Tieu posing on the beach also appear on the cellphone, according to the news station.

The Sheriff's Department has responded to the video's release, emailing the following statement to KTLA on Wednesday: "The video released today contains footage that is part of an ongoing investigation and is consistent with information OCSD has already supplied verbally to the media".

The edited video was given to KNBC by a lawyer connected to the case.