GST rollout: 22 states including Delhi, Maharashtra abolish check posts


A total of 22 states have so far abolished their check posts ensuring a smooth transition from the previous state specific taxes to the national Goods and Services Tax (GST) which was launched on July 1.

Apart from television, there will be a live webcast on Facebook and YouTube as well, he added.

During the session the government will answer the most frequently asked questions. "Everyone is trying to understand what to do with the stock they bought before the GST came into effect", Mr. Goyal said.

Keen to ensure that the momentum is maintained, authorities are also keeping a close watch to ensure that any roadblock is removed swiftly.

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In order to do that, officers of every ministry should equip themselves and have full knowledge of the details relating to GST concerning their respective ministry. Mr Sinha asked secretaries to ensure that retailers, dealers/shopkeepers should display a ready price list under GST of items sold by them.

Still confused about the different components of GST? Sinha also asked departments to be ready to deal with queries pertaining to their ministries. The cabinet secretary also told the officials to launch campaign to make consumers fully aware about issues linked to GST.

"There are some messages going around in social media stating that the temple trusts have to pay the GST while the churches and mosques are exempt".

The Finance Ministry statement, noting that "questions are raised about GST rates fixed for specific devices for physically challenged persons", said that most of the inputs and raw materials for manufacture of these assistive devices/equipments attract 18 per cent GST.