At the White House, women employees are getting paid lesser than men


The average salary among male employees - who make up 53 per cent of the White House staff - is nearly $USD104,000 (roughly $AU136,000), while women are earning $US83,000 ($AU108,000).

In 2014, the Washington Post reported that then-President Barack Obama hadn't yet succeeded in closing the gender wage gap in his White House, albeit a much smaller gap than Trump's. Melania and Barron moved into the White House on June 14 and are now semi-permanent residents at 1600 Pennsylvania during Donald Trump's term as president. Kushner has met with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in an attempt to broker a peace deal.

The tweet came out a little bit later and Trump has never before been able to handle putting a video in his tweet.I think a White House staff member arranged for this with Trump.

The gender pay difference nationally is 82 cents for women against every dollar for men and as of 2015, federal government jobs' pay gap was 11 percent, according to a CNN look at an Office of Personnel Management report. Six of the top earners - those making the maximum salary of $179,700 - are women. "This a White House campaign going after and trying to break the USA media".

The lowest-paid staffers in the White House - excluding those who entered public service on the condition they receive a lower salary - earn $40,000 annually.

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Donald Trump's now-infamous WWE tweet could be a campaign run by the White House in an attempt to break the USA media, according to an global politics professor.

So far, the White House has not responded to CNN's request for a comment.

This salary survey comes at a time when nations like Iceland have already initiated the process of ensuring equal pay for men and women.

Roll Call used first names and publicly available news reports and social media pages to determine employees' genders.