WWDC 2017: Apple unveils iOS 11, updates to watchOS


iMessage on iOS 11 will get iCloud syncing so your stored messages will be available on other devices when you sign in. Both models will be available next week in Apple Stores, through select carriers and Apple Authorised Resellers (prices may vary) in the United States, while the devices will be available in India by later this month. No need to set up split screens as you can keep two apps commonly used together open while swtiching to another app so you can go back to it easier.

The Photos app will now be able to make memory movies that are based about memories, photos of friends, family, and pets. Think better typing suggestions or the offer of adding in a calendar entry when you book something online. Siri, in Apple Music, will also be able to "answer music trivia questions like "Who's the drummer in this song?" according to Apple".

iOS 11 on iPads brings a new customizable Dock that will provide access to frequently used apps and documents from any screen. Not only that, the Notification Center and lock screen will also be merged as one screen.

New indoor maps of areas like malls and airports indicated that Apple might be laying groundwork to display information over images of those places in the future. No more rushing to get to the bathroom just before boarding time!

Apple beileves that the key to getting you to spend more time browsing for new apps is to step up its curation game.

The event started with Apple CEO welcoming the audience at the 15th WWDC in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley where Apple is building its new campus. Live photos will be able to trimmed, as also support new loop, bounce and long exposure effects.

Files and Dock for iPad: Yes, iOS 11 will bring a file manager to the iPad, but not the iPhone.

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There's no word on whether Apple's App Store overhaul will extend to the desktop version, which like so many of Apple's services is slapped onto the iTunes app.

Apple also announced that Amazon Prime Video will come to Apple's TV streaming box later this year.

The integration will allow users to access their files on OneDrive right from the Files app without opening the OneDrive app.

When iOS 11 comes to iPhones (and iPads) this fall, the new operating system will include a "Do Not Disturb While Driving" mode users can turn on. Apple Pencil also receives some upgrades as it will now support inline drawing. "Now you can mark up a PDF or screenshot faster and more easily". Apple Maps plays catch up with Google Maps here with the introduction of one-handed zoom, without explaining how it will function in iOS 11. Apple said that makes the Mac a great platform for development virtual-reality experiences.

The new iOS will now synchronize messages across iOS and macOS automatically. Apple has an update in the works to help. This will make gaming and shopping apps, making it more immersive.

The ability to drag and drop two apps, opening them side-by-side, is also very useful.

Apple has made a host of new announcement at the first day of annual developer conference known as WWDC 2017.