Wounded Congressman In Critical Condition, Will Require Additional Surgery


Sanders called Trump "perhaps the worst and most unsafe president in the history of our country" in his speech and ended by saying, "I want you to think about the incredibly courageous heroes and heroines in our history against unbelievably daunting odds who risked their lives for social justice, for economic justice, for racial justice".

The shooting took place at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, across the Potomac River from Washington.

"We have a bond beyond just the managers of the baseball teams", Barton said, adding that members should meet to discuss the issue of partisan rancor "because what happened this morning was unconscionable". NPR congressional reporter Geoff Bennett has been in Alexandria all day and has more on what unfolded.

"People think members have security", Virginia Democratic Sen.

Rep. Steve Scalise, a congressional staffer and members of the congressional police force were shot on June 14, 2017 in Alexandria, Virginia, in what sources are calling an apparent "deliberate attack".

"Many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two Capitol Police officers, who took down the gunman despite sustaining gunshot wounds during a very, very brutal assault", President Trump said shortly before noon.

The attack rattled official Washington and brought an outpouring of condolences from officials on both sides of the political aisle Wednesday. Jeff Flake and Rep. Brad Wenstrup, who is a physician, applied pressure to his wound, Flake said.

"America is praying for you and America is praying for all of the victims of this awful shooting", he said.

The gunman, later identified as 66-year-old IL man James T. Hodgkinson, died from gunshot wounds at the hospital after a gun battle with police at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park Field, where dozens of GOP lawmakers were holding their final practice before an annual charity game against Democrats.

The gunman had a rifle and "a lot of ammo", said Sen. Mika's family said he is also in critical condition. And you see your friends, Steve Scalise in particular, lying on the ground dragging himself from the infield dirt to the outfield grass while there's nothing we can do to help. They were unable to get to him for several minutes.

Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas, said his staffer Barth was among the wounded and was in stable condition.

James Hodgkinson protests outside the U.S. Post Office in Belleville, Ill.

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Standing at second base, Scalise was struck once in the left hip, according to witnesses, and collapsed as the shots rang out, one after another, from behind a chain-link fence near the third-base dugout.

"I was on the field 20 yards away from the shooter", he tweeted Wednesday morning.

After Trump's visit, MedStar said Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana, had suffered injuries to internal organs and fractured bones during the shooting.

That's the only reason members of the U.S. Capitol Police were at the practice - rank-and-file senators and House members don't get security details.

BARTON: Scalise's security detail and the Capitol Hill Police immediately began to return fire. He will need additional surgeries, the hospital said.

"I don't know what to say".

Members of Congress said they believe that they're at greater risk of harm. Some 50 shots were reportedly fired.

"Inside the gym things were fairly calm, no one was screaming", Britton said. "Outside the gym, bullets were flying".

"Everyone on that field is a public servant", Trump said, his tone somber, America's acrimonious politics set aside for the moment. Bernie Sanders, who condemned the attack Wednesday.

"I am sickened by this despicable act", Sanders said on the floor of the Senate.

"I Want to Say Mr. President, for being an ass hole you are Truly the Biggest Ass Hole We Have Ever Had in the Oval Office", he wrote on Facebook.