World erupts in resounding criticism over Trump climate pact exit


May noted that Japan and Canada fellow members of the G-7 group of rich industrialized nations also were not signatories, but like Britain remain committed to the Paris agreement."It's an important global agreement on climate change", May said on Friday. "Climate action is a moral responsibility of all global leaders, especially of those countries that have historically exploited resources globally and contributed disproportionately to global warming", said Chellam.

Is this true? How will Washington quitting the 196-nation Paris club affect the fight against climate change?

The Paris Agreement commits signatories to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, which is blamed for melting ice caps and glaciers, rising sea levels and an increase in extreme weather events.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and top officials from the European Union officials are set to reaffirm their commitment to a landmark climate change agreement after President Donald Trump said he was pulling the United States out of the Paris accord. However, the overwhelming support of USA corporations for the US remaining a party to the Paris agreement suggests a very different business case than the one in support of withdrawal. He said he was convinced the US will eventually rejoin. These included building climate resilience into US critical infrastructure, mitigating the impacts of rising seas and extreme weather and continuing investment in research and development of low-carbon technologies. Trillions of dollars will be invested in new energy systems in the coming years.

Supporters of the decision in USA believe pulling out of the pact will save jobs, unburden industries, and save money.

By contrast, Trump has pulled the United States out of President Barack Obama's ambitious Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that would have spanned a dozen nations from the Chile to Japan.

New drilling methods have made gas cheaper, allowing it to replace coal in many USA power plants. Those familiar with the history of US climate policy may find similarities with President George W. Bush's 2001 decision to withdraw from the 1992 Kyoto Protocol. Kyoto only covered a small number of countries. So there were still opportunities for bilateral agreements outside Kyoto.

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Nicaragua and war-torn Syria are the only countries not party to the Paris accord, the former seeing it as not ambitious enough.

Meanwhile, Indian environmentalists asserted that the US' move was an opportunity for India to provide global leadership on the issue, as reported by PTI.

The failed Democratic presidential nominee joined many other liberal Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Moore in exploding over the president's Thursday announcement. No doubt, this display of leadership did not go unnoticed in the capitals of other nations.

Responding to Trump's pointing to his city, Pittsburgh, Mayor Bill Peduto called the decision "disastrous for our planet, for cities such as Pittsburgh", and a step that "has made America weaker and the world less safe".

"The other countries have shown their commitment, we saw it during the negotiations in Bonn and at the G7", Levai said.

"As the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases globally at 18 per cent, and with a per-capita emissions level that far exceeds the global average, the United States has a moral obligation to continue taking the lead in addressing climate change and its numerous impacts at the global scale", Wan Junaidi said in a press statement yesterday. The challenge for all parties is to find a way to minimize the downside risks that the president has thus far chosen not to hedge against.